Support and Consultancy

Photography can be a complicated and expensive thing to do properly! A few words of advice can set things going in the right direction, and save time and money. For example:

  • Help with equipment selection - When choosing software and hardware, the best is not always the most expensive. In fact, the best may not even cost anything at all!

  • Telephone and e-mail support - A quick call can help to resolve a problem before it grows into something more serious. Support at reasonable rates

  • Equipment hire - If you only require a piece of equipment for a specific task or a limited time, then it may make sense to hire it.

  • Secure backup - Stories of data loss are all to common. I can provde you with access to an innovative, secure, reliable back-up system which offers many advantages over simply using external drives or writable discs. Best of all, you'll be surprised how reasonably priced such a system can be.

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